3D Religious Cards

Deliver heartfelt spiritual messages with 3D Religious Cards . These beautiful cards make it easy to express your faith to those you love and care . Our family products include photo bent frame in single piece or with 7 pvc pockets, block frame with U back, magnets and bookmarks.


Here below the details:

1. Acrylic Photo Bent Frame (One 3D card included)

Size: 7.1cm (width) x 9.5cm (height) x 3.2 cm. Acrylic color: clear, 3mm thick.

Item Front Back (English) Back (Chinese) Left Perspective Right Perspective

2. Acrylic Photo Stand With 7 Pockets Each Inserted with 3D Cards (7 x 3D Cards Included)

Size of acrylic photo stand: 14.5cm x 7.4cm x 7.15cm. Acrlic color: clear, 4mm thick.

3. Acrylic Block Frame (One 3D Card Included)

Size of acrylic block: 15cm x 4.5cm x 2cm. Acrylic color: clear, 10mm thick.

4. Acrylic U Back Photo Frame/Paper Weight (One 3D Card Included)

Size of u block: 9cm x 6cm x 1.6cm. Acrylic color: clear, 3mm + 12mm thick.

5. House-shaped frame (One 3D Card Included) - with stand at the back

Size of house: 11.2cm x 10.1cm x 5.5cm. Acrylic color: clear, 3mm thick;

5. Magnet (One 3D Card Included)

Size of magnet: 9.7cm x 6.6cm x 5cm. Acrylic color: clear, 3mm+2mm thick.

6. 3D Bookmarks

Size: 13cm x 5 cm

B01 B02 B02 B04