A. Chemical

We have been working with a big Chinese chemical consoritum to export titanium dioxide and Sodium Tripolyphosphate (stpp) to Mexico for more than 10 years.

B. Electronics

1) LCD writing boards

Through joint product development with the biggest LCD factory in China, we have developed many different styles of LCD writing boards: handheld, floor standing and wall mounted sliding boards.

The superiority of LCD writing boards over traditonal black boards are:

1) Write with anything - write with blackboard pens or even with fingers.

2) Erase instantly - clear the entire or partial writring surface instantly with the touch of a button.

3) No mess - no dust, no messy markers, no dirty board.

4) No electromagnetic rediation - the LCD display technology is based on external light reflection; there is no irritation to eyes.

2) Wireless Chargers

Besides selling through retailing channel, our overseas customers also sell our wireless chargers to hotel chains and commercial sector. Our wireless charger product catalogue for your reference.

The applications of wireless chargers - stated clearly here this pdf file, have been extended to table-top such as hotel rooms, business offices and conferences.

3) LED Caps

Our LED caps may carry your messages or brands and logos for promotion and publicity purposes:

C. Religious Products

Delivering heartfelt spiritual messages with 3D Religious Cards, these beautiful cards make it easy to express your faith to those you love and care . Our family products include photo bent frames in single piece or with 7 pvc pockets, block frame with U back, magnets and bookmarks.